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Microsoft Teams Administration training in Pune

Duration: 24 hrs
Fee:  Rs. 15900 ($280 USD)  *Rs. 12720 ($224 USD)
1 to 1:  Rs. 44000 ($690 USD)  *Rs. 35200 ($552 USD)
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Best Microsoft Teams Administration training in Pune

This training course is designed for Microsoft Teams Administrators who take part in evaluating, planning, deploying, and managing Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is an integrated communication and collaboration solution for enabling all of your users to create and share content, as well as schedule meetings and interact with each other. The Teams Administrator must be able to plan, deploy, and manage Teams chat, apps, channels, meetings, audio conferencing, live events, and calling.


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This course covers following topics:

Creating and Managing Teams

  • Creating a team
  • Creating a new team from the Microsoft Teams client
  • Creating a new team from the Microsoft Teams admin center
  • Creating a new team via PowerShell
  • Creating a team from an existing M365 group
  • Managing the privacy settings for a team
  • Managing organization-wide teams

Planning and Implementing Governance and Life Cycle Settings in Microsoft Teams

  • Using templates to create teams
  • Teams pre-built templates
  • Creating a custom template for a team
  • Teams template capabilities
  • Setting up policies to manage the creation of Microsoft 365 groups
  • Configuring classifications, expiration policies, and naming policies for Microsoft 365 groups and Microsoft Teams
  • Configuring group classification
  • Configuring expiration policies
  • Configuring a naming policy
  • Archiving, restoring, and deleting a team
  • Archiving a team
  • Restoring a team
  • Deleting a team

Managing Team Membership Settings

  • Managing users within a team
  • Managing users via the Microsoft Teams admin center
  • Managing users via the Microsoft Teams client app
  • Managing users via PowerShell
  • Configuring dynamic team membership
  • Creating a new Microsoft 365 group with dynamic membership and creating a team
  • Creating a new security group with dynamic membership and adding it to a team
  • Modifying a team's existing Microsoft 365 group to have dynamic membership
  • Upgrading distribution lists to Microsoft 365 groups for membership
  • Using access reviews to validate team membership
  • Onboarding to utilize access reviews
  • Creating an access review for team/group membership validation

Configuring Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

  • Configuring guest users and permissions for Microsoft Teams
  • Setting up guest access
  • Adding a guest to a team
  • Configuring the meeting, messaging, and calling options for guests in Microsoft Teams
  • Removing guests from Teams and reviewing guest access to Teams with Azure AD access reviews
  • Removing a guest from a team
  • Using Azure AD access reviews to review guest access to Azure AD and Microsoft Teams
  • Configuring guest access from the Azure AD portal

Managing Collaboration and Chat within Microsoft Teams

  • Configuring messaging policies
  • Creating messaging policies
  • Assigning messaging policies
  • Assigning messaging policies via PowerShell
  • Managing external access and setting external access options for SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Configuring external access settings in Microsoft Teams
  • Configure external access for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
  • Managing Teams' channels and private channel creation
  • Managing channels for a team
  • Managing private channel creation policies
  • Managing Email integration in Teams
  • Managing cloud file storage settings

Managing Meetings and Live Events in Microsoft Teams

  • Configuring Teams meeting settings
  • Editing meeting settings with PowerShell
  • Configuring Teams meeting policies
  • General
  • Audio & video
  • Content sharing
  • Participants & guests
  • Meeting policy actions with PowerShell
  • Configuring Teams live events settings
  • Support URL
  • Third-party video distribution providers
  • Configuring Teams live events policies
  • Configuring conference bridge settings
  • Creating a dedicated, local call-in number
  • Changing the conference bridge user experience

Managing the Security and Compliance Settings in Microsoft Teams

  • Understanding and assigning the Teams admin roles
  • Assigning Teams admin roles to users
  • Managing retention and sensitivity policies for Microsoft Teams
  • Retention policies for Microsoft Teams
  • Sensitivity labels
  • Setting up alerts for security and compliance in Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding and implementing information barrier policies for Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding the security reports available within Microsoft Teams

Monitoring Usage within Microsoft Teams

  • Viewing and understanding Teams usage reports
  • Apps usage report
  • Viewing and understanding Microsoft 365 usage reports
  • Optimizing call quality per user with call analytics
  • Using the Call Quality Dashboard

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