Learning methods

Attend our instructor-led online batch or in-person classroom sessions either In shared/group class or 1 to 1 mode or get study kits.

Instructor-led group batch in classroom or online mode.

• Our classroom is located in Pimpri, Pune, India. These batches are mostly designed for working professionals on weekend either Saturday or Sunday only.

• For our remote students, we live-stream the same class-room sessions using the business communication software Microsoft Teams. It offers a real-time chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing and direct calling facility for technical support.

• It feels just like learning in a live classroom.

Key Features

Face-to-face interactive sessions
Learn directly from owners (trainers)
Download notes and all lectures offline
Prompt and lifetime support from your trainers
Online training
“ It was an excellent experience, while training was online but experienced as class-room...”
Sajid Surti, Dubai, UAE. More reviews here...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Instructor-led 1 to 1 training in classroom or online mode.

Get trainer's full attention and high level of interaction.

Key Features

Dedicated Trainers
Get Full Attention
Ask Questions Confidently
Personalized/Customized Experience
Download notes and all lectures offline
1 to 1 training

Get personalized experience in 1 to 1 training.

Instructor-led 1 to 1 training is good for individual who hesitate in asking questions in a group or those who need undivided attention of the instructor.

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Study from anywhere using our Self Study Kit.

Learning at your own pace, speed and on your own terms. Download all files and study offline. You can keep these file for whole life. No expiry!

Key Features

Download lectures + notes + codes.
Get help on call, email, whatsapp or skype.
Not specially recorded - no monotonous sound - it has interactivity from our live class.
No Internet required, once downloaded.
No Expiry, access it offline for whole life.
Self study kit
Self Study Kit is best suitable for those, who can't attend our live sessions due to any reason or don't have time to attend it in person or want to study it quicker and finish as fast as possible.
Instantly download the entire study kit - all lectures (.mp4 files), codes/scripts and notes (.pdf) and keep it with you for whole life, no expiry! And get flexibility for completing the course at your own pace.
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